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Why Vegvisir?

According to legends, Northern people used a special compass that is known today as Vegvisir that guided them through dangerous places and water back home in Midgard. While we can’t return you home, we’ll support you throughout the challenging IT world and make you feel comfortable as if you stayed in your zone of comfort, at home.

Nowadays, the IT world is presented not just with a list of technologies to choose, from but also with challenges that are often hidden and unexpected. Our mission is to guide you through the IT world and avoid obstacles when possible similar to Vegvisir, but if we face the challenge, we’ll go through it together.

Let us be your Vegvisir and help you throughout the IT challenges on your way.

Our values

Selection of a partner or vendor for the business is a nontrivial and challenging journey. While, we don’t want you to spend your time on nice, well-shaped copyright text here, we want to highlight several things our potential partners should know about the values we share and should be expected here.

To make trust become true, it needs to be converted from verbal level to real actions. We appreciate what we are saying and stick to what is committed. 

Among many factors that you could consider when choosing a partner or vendor for your business, trust is what we commit to. Throughout challenges, we believe that trust is crucial for the success of any business partnership.

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Borys Tkachenko
Borys Tkachenko Technical Expert & Co-founder
Alex Kostritsa
Alex Kostritsa Manager & Co-founder
Anatoliy Demyanenko
Anatoliy Demyanenko Technical Expert & Co-founder

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Rich technology-wide experience accompanied by the values that matter to us leads to truly passionate service that you could expect here.  We consider every business that joins us as a part of our friendly family. By joining us, you could be sure that you’ll get a truly passionate professional approach focused on your success.

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