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Why website support is needed?

Your site is your online office. Potential customers will come here to ask questions, compare prices, and study the characteristics of your product or service.

What happens if the office works inconsistently? For example, it is unexpectedly closed, provides outdated data, or operates very slowly, etc. In such a case, the client’s flow will drastically dry up. And this leads to serious troubles for your business. The reputation, by the way, will also suffer significantly. After all, you will show yourself as a company that is not able to solve internal problems and doesn’t look trustworthy.

A similar is valid for the websites. To prevent such situations, you should have someone responsible for your website to make sure that it runs fine without any issues and does what it is intended to do. An experienced professional or support team will take care of all the activities needed to deliver a positive experience to the website owner. Consider the following activities needed to deliver a smooth experience to the website owner:

  • monitoring site availability and restoring its work in case of failure;
  • backing up databases;
  • scanning files for viruses;
  • detection of incorrect (broken) links;
  • resolving the technical problems with the server provider;
  • checking the correctness of various forms of communication, ordering goods, and online services.

Leaving a website without qualified technical support is risky and even dangerous. However, in practice, this is rather a common mistake, especially for small businesses and their websites. For example, developers or agencies provided a finished solution, a complete website that does web presence for the businesses, but the owner forgot to pay for the hosting or got a website hacked. At first glance, this might sound unusual, but that’s logical as support service and maintenance is not part of the deliverable and should be considered as stand-alone services. The moral here is that the website, which is maintained by the business owner or (in the best case) a part-time employee, is hardly considered on the safe side.

There is a way out of this problem. You can get well-qualified technical support for the site from the Vegvisir team, which will provide stable support and (if needed) development of new features and their implementation.

Website support from Vegvisir can ensure the stability of your IT infrastructure and can give you more time to focus on your further business development.

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